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Getting Started
Books on Helping Yourself and Others /  WebLink
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Searches and Gateways
Articles from Medical Journals /  WebLink
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News, Alerts, and Advocacy
Faces and Voices of Recovery /  WebLink
Join Together: Substance Abuse News and Resources /  WebLink
National Alcohol Screening Day /  WebLink
Available Clinical Trials for Psychiatry/Addiction /  WebLink
Advocacy and Recovery Using the Internet /  WebLink
Science & the Origins of Addiction--NPR Talk of the Nation 6/16/2006 /  WebLink
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10/3/2008-Congress, Bush Approve Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders Parity /  WebLink

How can I tell if there is a problem?
Drug Abuse Screening Test /  WebLink
Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test /  WebLink
Eating Attitudes Test (EAT-26) /  WebLink
Zung Depression Self-Test /  WebLink
Mood Disorder Questionnaire /  WebLink
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Screening /  WebLink
Eating Disorder Questionnaire /  WebLink
Cocaine Self-Test /  WebLink
Addiction Self-Test /  WebLink
Marijuana Self-Test /  WebLink
Compulsive Gambling 20 Questions /  WebLink
Online Screening for Personality Disorders /  WebLink
Online Depression Screening Test /  WebLink
Online Screening Test for Anxiety /  WebLink
Substance Abuse--How To Recognize It /  WebLink

Addiction: General Information
Addiction as a Disease: PBS Special /  WebLink
NIDA: National Institute on Drug Abuse /  WebLink
NIAAA: National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism /  WebLink
Alcohol and Drug Information Links--Univ. of Washington /  WebLink
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Addiction is a Brain Disease /  WebLink
ASAM: American Society of Addiction Medicine /  WebLink
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AAAP: American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry /  WebLink
NIDA Media Guide to Drugs /  WebLink
If Someone Close...has a problem with alcohol or other drugs /  WebLink
Pharmacologic Profiles of Abused Drugs /  WebLink
Slang Terms for Abused Drugs (1997) /  WebLink
Addiction Science Made Easy /  WebLink
Federal Drug Data Sources /  WebLink
Update on Alcoholism (2000) /  WebLink
Addiction Information for Journalists /  WebLink
More information on addiction and the brain /  WebLink
Addiction Science Made Simple /  WebLink
Books on Addiction and Recovery /  WebLink
Addiction Texts and References /  WebLink
HBO Special on Addiction /  WebLink

Addiction Treatment
NIDA's Principles of Drug Abuse Treatment /  WebLink
Effective Medical Treatment of Opiate Addiction /  WebLink
Overcoming Pessimism about Addiction Treatment /  WebLink
Therapeutic Communities /  WebLink
Information about other treatments /  WebLink
Motivational Enhancement Therapy /  WebLink
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy /  WebLink
Craving and Alcohol Treatment /  WebLink
Update on Approaches to Alcoholism Treatment (1999) /  WebLink
Drug Abuse Counseling Approaches /  WebLink
New Advances in Alcoholism Treatment /  WebLink
APA Practice Guideline for the Treatment of Substance Use Disorders /  WebLink
Drug Abuse Treatment /  WebLink
CSAT Treatment Improvement Protocols (TIPs) /  WebLink
Books on Addiction Treatment /  WebLink

Alcohol and Other Drugs
Club Drugs /  WebLink
FAQs on Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism /  WebLink
Benzodiazepine Protracted Withdrawal /  WebLink
Oxycontin Prescription Drug Abuse (CSAT Advisory) /  WebLink
Marijuana Information /  WebLink
Benzodiazepine Dependence /  WebLink
Benzodiazepine Abuse /  WebLink
Marijuana Research Report (NIDA) /  WebLink
Cocaine Abuse & Addiction (NIDA) /  WebLink
Drugs, Brains, and Behaviors /  WebLink
Club Drug Information /  WebLink
LSD, PCP, Ketamine, Dextromethorphan (NIDA) /  WebLink
Alcohol Facts /  WebLink
Methamphetamine Abuse & Addiction /  WebLink
Commonly Abused Drugs (NIDA) /  WebLink
Prescription Drug Abuse & Addiction /  WebLink
Prescription Drugs of Abuse (NIDA) /  WebLink
Inhalant Abuse /  WebLink
Books on Alcohol and Other Drugs /  WebLink
Anabolic Steroid Abuse /  WebLink
Drug Information--CESAR /  WebLink
Drug Information from the DEA /  WebLink

Opioid Addiction
Heroin Abuse & Addiction (NIDA) /  WebLink
Get Info on Buprenorphine (Suboxone) /  WebLink
Methadone Advisory from FDA 11/27/2006 /  WebLink
Books on Opioid Addiction /  WebLink

Smoking & Tobacco Dependence
Nicotine Information--NIDA /  WebLink
QuitNet: Quit Smoking Resources /  WebLink
National Coalition for Women Against Tobacco /  WebLink
Nicotine Addiction /  WebLink
Fagerstrom Test for Nicotine Dependence /  WebLink
Books on Tobacco Dependence /  WebLink

Mental Health: General Information
NIMH: National Institute on Mental Health /  WebLink